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Change Your Story, Change Your Life! A SkillfullyAware Workshop.


West Sacramento Community Center | Black Box

1075 West Capitol Avenue, West Sacramento, CA 95691

West Sacramento, CA, US, 95691

For Beginners Workshop: For anyone suffering from a stress-related condition. Learn healing techniques & grow into a new person.


This workshop is for anyone suffering from a stress-related condition. Dr. Mark Pirtle will teach you to influence your mind and emotions. You’ll practice healing techniques and grow into a new person. And you’ll get our support and encouragement along the way.

Change and healing requires that you learn something new. Skillfully Aware is a complete mind-body education.

Skillfully Aware is all about becoming your own best source of healing. Not to replace the guidance of a therapist, but everyone benefits from more self-understanding. That’s what Skillfully Aware delivers. This program will teach you to become more mindful, and thus aware of all the subtle emotional strings that pull at your body and mind. It’s those emotional currents that write your life story.

If your life is or has been inordinately stressful, your story may have become distorted. That can make you sick. Stress-related illnesses are at epidemic levels. 80 to 90% of all doctors’ visits are attributable to stress. Wholehearted.org seeks to turn that woeful statistic around. Join us for this workshop and you’ll learn to mindfully monitor and modify your reactive patterns, elevate your perspective, and feel better. If you’re suffering needlessly, we will definitely help. Besides all that, it can be fun too!

People take the workshop because they want to change or heal some distressing and repetitious pattern that’s disrupting their life. That pattern could be psychological, physical, or relational; it doesn’t matter. People who suffer from stress and illnesses related to stress benefit most. Dr. Mark Pirtle has helped people with depression, all forms of anxiety or addictions, pain, grief, eating disorders, PTSD, OCD, ADD—the whole alphabet soup and more. Folks experiencing major life transitions also love and benefit from the class.

Remember, this is all about self-care. The more you know about your condition, the better you’ll be able to manage it. The better you manage it, the better you’ll feel. It’s that simple.

Workshop Details:

This will be a small and intimate workshop. We’re limiting the group to 10 people or less. The workshop will be very experiential. That means a lot of movement, group exercises, role playing, demonstrations, practice, conversations, and one on one focus on the challenges and issues you want to work on.

We’ll begin with Dr. Pirtle’s explanation of the principals of mindfulness, trauma, consciousness, and Skillfully Aware. Then we’ll quickly move into skill building, meditation, movement, breathwork, and other exercises. You’ll have many opportunites to share, get specific help and focus on your individual concerns and issues. The workshop will not be rushed; you’ll be given the space, support, and time you need to learn and experience the treatment & education.

Dress comfortably because you’ll want to be able to stretch, move, and interact through the workshop.

About Wholehearted.org:

Wholehearted.org is a local Sacramento publishing and production group. We’re a small but dedicated group focused on creating programs with renowed healers, speakers, authors, reseachers, and teachers. We’re recording this workshop to create high quality programs to train future therapists, counselors, doctors, nurses, and teachers. While we create this program, we have the opportunity to bring healing and education to our local Sacramento community. We’re covering all the costs of production, event, and the presenter. This workshop is free for you to attend.

There’s no catch, no upsells, no tricks! We just want to help people who need help. The workshops will be recorded, so you’ll need to be comfortable with that. We’ve produced many workshops and programs over the years; we’ve never received a single complaint or regret from any participant. We typically receive glowing feedback and we’re thrilled to help people heal, learn, and grow.

About Mark Pirtle, DPT:

Mark Pirtle is a teacher. He works with people as an integral therapist, spirtual guide, and workshop facilitator. Mark is an experienced meditator with an open heart. His passion for healing and teaching is focused on getting to the root of your suffering. The larger mission, starting with you, is to amplify beauty, goodness, and truth in the wider world. Join us in that effort by registering now.

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