Building Resilience through healing & education. Learn to create a stronger, safer, & more resilient foundation for children, families, & your own healing. We welcome parents, teachers, counselors, & anyone that works with or supports children of all ages.

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In-Person Workshops (Sacramento, CA): Attend for FREE. Wholehearted has covered all the cost for our community!

July 10, 2023: 1:30pm - 6pm
July 12, 2023: 1pm - 7pm
July 7, 2023: 10am - 4pm
July 7, 2023: 7pm - 9pm
July 8 & 9, 2023: 10am - 5pm

Past Events

Reparenting 2022
November 19-20, 2022

Our last event focused on Reparenting Our Inner Child: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Protective and Compensatory Childhood Experiences, Social Trauma, Generational Trauma, Resilience, & more.

A Workshop for the general public & CE workshop / training for mental health & healthcare professionals.


AUGUST 19-28, 2022

We just completed our 10 day event: RECOVERY 2022!

This event focused on addiction & recovery. Moving beyond treatment to embrace healing.

13 speakers | 27 classes

Mark Lundholm, Dr. Mark Pirtle, Dr. Adriana Popescu, Bob Tyler, Dr. BJ Davis, TJ Woodward, Aven Armstrong-Sutton, Dr. Ronald Mah, Roland Williams, Mark Stodola, Dr. Joe Sepulveda, James Rogers, & Barbara Aday-Garcia

• Impact of Drugs on our Highways

• Understanding the Fentanyl Epidemic

Using Motivational Interviewing Skills to Enhance Mandated Client Engagement

• Shortcuts to Group Facilitation

• Shortcuts: Better Ways to Better Days Show

• Shortcuts: A Conversation with author Mark Lundholm & AJ Foxx (Wholehearted Co-Founder)

• Deconstructing Trauma

• Energy Psychology Applied to Addiction Treatment & Co-occuring Disorders

• Tapping into your Recovery

• Ethics for SUD Counselors

• A Masterclass in Addictive Behavior: The Davis Model

• Conscious Recovery for Professionals

• Conscious Recovery for People in Recovery

• Talks by TJ Woodward (2)

• Talks by Jeremy Miller (1)

• Conversation with TJ Woodward & Jeremy Miller

• An Evening with author, TJ Woodward

• Transforming Emotion with Emotion

• Empty Chair Work

• How, Why, & WTF… To Do! Series (4 Talks)

• A Masterclass in Relapse Prevention

• Recovery is a Verb

• Understanding & Supporting Families

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