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Hello. Come Work With Us!

We love to create and publish beautiful media. We are inviting dedicated, enthusiastic, and compelling individuals and organizations to collaborate with us.  Our team is located in Sacramento, California. We have the resources, equipment, and in-house talent to create & develop high quality video programs, books, events, documentaries, podcasts, and similar media in the mental health and wellness field.

In addition to having our own studios & recording spaces we work with local theaters to produce our legacy establishing programs in a professional and creative setting.
Wholehearted typically covers all costs associated with development, production, post production, distribution, and marketing. Wholehearted owns the media that it creates and publishes. In this arrangement our collaborator is paid a fee or royalty for their participation.
Wholehearted’s team and facilities are also available for hire, where we provide all of our services but you own the final product. We are extremely selective with who we’ll work with, the kind of media we’ll create, and how that media will be used in the end.  Our typical fee range is $100,000 – $500,000. We handle all aspects from conception & writing to distribution & marketing. We only participate in projects that allow us to produce the best work we are capable of.
That said, we enjoy the privilege to pursue and invest in work that is meaningful to us. If you have something we believe in, we can make necessary accommodations to bring it into the world.
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