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This course is designed to refresh substance use disorder professionals on some of the important aspects and skills of group counseling in the SUD treatment setting, as well as to provide additional tools, insights, and suggestions for working in the group setting in both psycho-educational and process groups. This course incorporates many tried-and-true approaches as well as some innovative strategies for handling challenging or resistant clients, and for helping chronic relapsing clients to better engage with treatment.

Doing Good Group | Mark Lundholm

The level of help you receive is equal to the level of truth you tell. If you want 100% help, you’ll need to tell 100% truth.

Mark Lundholm

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Upon completing this CE course, participants will be able to:

- Identify and explain the concept of the “most important client” in group

- Explain how engaging in discussion is more effective than simply talking to the group

- Describe the value of silence in the group Explain how the impulse control system is affected in those with substance use disorders

-Give examples of how codependency might occur in group, and why it is problematic

-Explain why empathy and vulnerability are necessary in the group setting

-Identify the counselor’s own “areas of growth” that get in the way of good group work

-Identify three important self-care steps for the counselor

-Describe the “shame grenade” and its impact on the group

-Give one example of using vulnerability effectively as a group facilitator

-Explain “Thumb Thoughts”, “Binary Tree” and “Not-to-do” lists

- Describe how to handle a “train wreck”


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