Everyday Compassion


TJ Woodard delivers an aspirational and practical talk.  TJ begins this talk with a short meditation followed by a gentle journey of exploration into compassion, gratitude, and judgement. He tells a story of his younger self; lost and in pain, searching for something outside of himself to fill the emptiness within.  Through a powerful and healing connection he shared with his mentor and friend, he learns that compassion, gratitude, and judgements are choices and ways of being.  TJ invites you to consider shifting from “asking” to “thanking”, from “how can I judge?” to “how can I help?”, from “teaching” to “being and doing”, and finally to exploring how “Everyday Compassion” can enrich and uplift your life.

Producer’s Note:

I have worked with TJ on many projects of the past few years. Together we have produced dozens of programs and presentations. I’ve learned from TJ and appreciate his work and contribution.  While I consider his programs to be excellent, this talk has affected me the most, and is my favorite talk by TJ to share with others. I do hope you enjoy and share with your friends and family.

AJ Foxx | Wholehearted.org 

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