Human Nature


What is the “nature” of human nature? In our society it is often taught that human nature is selfish, individualistic, aggressive, and competitive. But what if that is not human nature, what if our nature is something entirely different? In this video Dr. Gabor Maté explains that our behavior does not define our nature, but instead it is our needs that define our nature. If our needs are not met, then we will adapt, and our behavior will follow the adaptation. At our core we are dependent on love, connection, care-taking, and attachment. In other words, we are born to love. Newborns cannot survive without love. Therefore our true nature is to love, and love is required for our species to exist. If we live in a society that does not provide or support our most basic needs then our society will adapt and our behavior will not reflect our true nature. Today’s modern societies are incredible and it’s amazing to witness our innovation, ability to control our environment, and experience advances in medicine; just to name a few. However, it’s evident that our innovation and focus on material resources has out paced our biology and basic needs. Therefore, despite many advances, we will see illness, dysfunction, and trauma persist until we are able to truly understand what our most basic needs are and how to provide them to one another.


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