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Welcome to Mark’s brand new show! This show is about recovery, comedy, life, and each episode will have a special guest.

About The Mark Lundholm Show & Wholehearted.org: The Mark Lundholm Show is a partnership project between Wholehearted.org & Mark Lundholm. The purpose of this show is to provide quality entertainment and education to those interested and living through addiction, recovery, and mental health struggles. You are not alone. We see you, we hear you, and there’s a community of dedicated people, like Mark Lundholm & Wholehearted.org, that are here to support you.

About The Host: Mark Lundholm: Mark Lundholm has been in the public eye for decades. You may know him as a comedian, speaker, and advocate for those struggling with addiction & in recovery. Mark Lundholm is now a featured Thought Leader and host with Wholehearted.org.

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  • Episode 101: Why Me? Why Not Me?!

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • June 4, 2020
    • 33 Minutes
    Guests: Special Surprise Guests!

    In this episode, Mark introduces the show and shares stories about his background. This episode's special guest is a... surprise! It's an exclusive, you'll only see one time interview on The Mark Lundholm Show. Check it out!
  • Episode 102: Behind My Guitar

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • June 4, 2020
    • 68 Minutes
    Guest: Matt Butler | Musician

    In Episode Two, Mark talks about artistry, what it's like to be an entertainer in the recovery community. Our special guest for this episode is phenomenal musician, Matt Butler. Matt & Mark discuss their friendship and stories of when they were on the road together. We end the episode with Matt Butler playing guitar and singing one of his powerful and emotional songs, "Good Friday".
  • Episode 103: Proud Parenting

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • November 8, 2020
    • 67 Minutes
    Guest: Julee Lundholm

    In this episode Mark Lundholm discusses his most important role, fatherhood. Join Mark and Julee Lundholm for a deep, emotional, and moving conversation about co-parenting.
  • Episode 104: Mama's Boy

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • June 14, 2020
    • 88 Minutes
    Guest: Brandon Novak | Skater-boarder | Celebrity | Actor

    In Episode Four, "Mama's Boy", Mark Lundholm shares about the important role of motherhood in our lives. Whether mom was there or not, whether your family is dysfunctional or ideal. Mama is always important in shaping who we are. This episode's guest is skateboarding prodigy and MTV's "Jackass" star, Brandon Novak. Mark and Brandon have been long time friends, and shared the stage many times. Lundholm and Novak talk about their mothers, struggles with addiction & recovery, and reflect on how crazy life has been. This might be the most personal and extensive interview with Brandon Novak you'll find. We at The Mark Lundholm Show are thrilled to bring you Mark Lundholm & Brandon Novak, in a roller coaster Wholehearted Conversation.
  • Episode 105: Surviving Celebrity

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • June 21, 2020
    • 90 Minutes
    Guest: Yancy Butler | Actor | Celebrity

    In Episode Five, Mark shares some stories about his experience in Hollywood, and what it means to be an actor. His guest this episode is actress Yancy Butler. Yancy & Mark have a fun and funny conversation about Hollywood, acting, chasing our passions, and recovery.
  • Episode 106: The Front Line

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • July 4, 2020
    • 61 Minutes
    Guest: Randy Grimes | Athlete | Speaker

    In Episode Six, Mark interviews his friend, Randy Grimes. Randy Grimes is a professional athlete. Randy is a celebrated football star that now spends his time advocating for Athletes In Recovery. Join Mark and Randy in touchdown conversation with topics ranging from football, addiction & recovery, to family and friends.
  • Episode 107: Teaching Teachers

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • July 11, 2020
    • 69 Minutes
    Guest: Roland Williams | Master Addiction Counselor | Educator | Addiction Expert

    In Episode Seven, Mark Lundholm and Roland Williams connect and discuss their early days of recovery, and how that turned into a passion for helping others struggling with addiction. This heartfelt conversations centers around recovery, education, and addiction treatment policy.
  • Episode 108: A Child's Place

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • July 18, 2020
    • 36 Minutes
    Guest: Jerry Moe | National Director of Children’s Programs Betty Ford Center

    In this very special episode Mark Lundholm has a heartfelt conversation with his friend Jerry Moe about an incredibly important topic: Children. More specifically, children of parents in recovery. Jerry Moe is the National Director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Children's Program. The work he does is critical to changing generational trauma and addiction. Jerry Moe works with Sesame Street to provide community resources, and he introduces us to a new Sesame Street character named Carly. Carly is a young muppet in foster care and her mother is in early recovery.
    For More information and community resources visit:
  • Episode 109: Fertility of Life

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • July 25, 2020
    • 68 Minutes
    Guest: Courtney Brown

    Courtney Brown, originally Courtney Lundholm, is Mark's first child. In this episode Mark talks about family, motherhood, and childhood. Courtney reflects back on what it was like growing up and shares about her challenges in trying to start her own child. Join Mark & Courtney in warm and emotional reflection of a proud father struggling with addiction & recovery, and a wholehearted daughter growing up with two father's and learning how to reconnect with Mark.
  • Episode 110: The Shades of Dwayne Kennedy

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • August 1, 2020
    • 43 Minutes
    Guest: Dwayne Kennedy | Writer

  • Episode 111: Road Dogs

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • August 9, 2020
    • 83 Minutes
    Guest: Auggie Smith | Comedian

    Join two comedians, Mark Lundholm & Auggie Smith, for a hilarious conversation about their days on the road!
  • Episode 112: The Joy in Joyce

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • August 15, 2020
    • 50 Minutes
    Guest: Jesse Joyce | Writer | Comedian

  • Episode 113: Finding Balance

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • August 22, 2020
    • 78 Minutes
    Guest: Dave Maley | Professional Athlete

  • Episode 114: The Whole Message

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • August 29, 2020
    • 93 Minutes
    Guest: TJ Woodward | Wholehearted Thought Leader | Creator of Conscious Recovery | Recovery Specialist | Speaker | Best-Selling Author

    Join Mark Lundholm & TJ Woodward in a unique conversation about recovery, treatment, and origin of addiction. Mark & TJ are both contributors to Wholehearted.org and align on many topics. This rare opportunity gives you, the viewer, an uninterrupted front row seat to this special interaction between two major recovery thought leaders.
  • Episode 115: Service Master

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • September 5, 2020
    • 65 Minutes
    Guest: Bob Greene | Veteran | Volunteer | Advocate | Sponsor | Mechanic

  • Episode 116: Shed Some Light

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • September 12, 2020
    • 81 Minutes
    Guest: Katie Rubin | Comedian | Actor

  • Episode 117: The Music Method

    • The Mark Lundholm Show
    • September 27, 2020
    • 50 Minutes
    Guest: Michael Shapiro | Musician

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