Treating Adolescent Addiction

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This course provides an introduction to the special issues involved in treating adolescents with substance use disorders (“SUD”), based on the Recovery Happens Counseling Services approach developed by Jon Daily, LCSW. Jon’s 20+ years of clinical treatment experience has led to a highly effective approach to clinical SUD treatment of adolescents.

Shot at a live training event, this presentation covers effective approaches to working with adolescent clients, strategies and tips for working with hard-to-reach clients, the importance of integrating family work with individual work, and understanding the differences in progression of the addictive disorder in adolescent clients vs adults, requiring different strategies.

Jon also addresses the challenges of working with families who may be in denial, or may not recognize the seriousness of their child’s use.  Filled with recent research findings, and based on work in individual treatment as well as working with schools and institutions, Jon’s insights will help improve your effectiveness in working with adolescent clients.


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